Tutorial :Do you know why introducing jquery ui autocomplete for my dropdown boxes is also changing my listbox?


I am trying to change my comboboxes to use autocomplete so i leverage the code listed here (which worked perfectly for my dropdowns)

The issue is that i also on the same page have a listbox with the following code:

<%= Html.ListBox("Cars", Model.BodyParts.Select(                      x => new SelectListItem {                          Text = x.Name,                          Value = x.Id,                          Selected = Model.CarsSelected.Any(y => y.Id == x.Id)                      }                 ))%>  

and it appears that the jquery ui code is changing this to a autocomplete dropdown as well (as opposed to keeping it as a multi select list box)

any idea how to prevent this from happening?

i literally am just using the exact code on this page

<script type="text/javascript">  (function($) {      $.widget("ui.combobox", {          _create: function() {              var self = this;              var select = this.element.hide();              var input = $("<input>")                  .insertAfter(select)                  .autocomplete({                      source: function(request, response) {                          var matcher = new RegExp(request.term, "i");                          response(select.children("option").map(function() {                              var text = $(this).text();                              if (!request.term || matcher.test(text))                                  return {                                      id: $(this).val(),                                      label: text.replace(new RegExp("(?![^&;]+;)(?!<[^<>]*)(" + request.term.replace(/([\^\$\(\)\[\]\{\}\*\.\+\?\|\\])/gi, "\\$1") + ")(?![^<>]*>)(?![^&;]+;)", "gi"), "<strong>$1</strong>"),                                      value: text                                  };                          }));                      },                      delay: 0,                      select: function(e, ui) {                          if (!ui.item) {                              // remove invalid value, as it didn't match anything                              $(this).val("");                              return false;                          }                          $(this).focus();                          select.val(ui.item.id);                          self._trigger("selected", null, {                              item: select.find("[value='" + ui.item.id + "']")                          });                        },                      minLength: 0                  })                  .addClass("ui-widget ui-widget-content ui-corner-left");              $("<button>&nbsp;</button>")              .insertAfter(input)              .button({                  icons: {                      primary: "ui-icon-triangle-1-s"                  },                  text: false              }).removeClass("ui-corner-all")              .addClass("ui-corner-right ui-button-icon")              .position({                  my: "left center",                  at: "right center",                  of: input,                  offset: "-1 0"              }).css("top", "")              .click(function() {                  // close if already visible                  if (input.autocomplete("widget").is(":visible")) {                      input.autocomplete("close");                      return;                  }                  // pass empty string as value to search for, displaying all results                  input.autocomplete("search", "");                  input.focus();              });          }      });    })(jQuery);    $(function() {      $("select").combobox();  });  </script>  


I'm guessing that your JQuery selector (not provided in your question) is grabbing all dropdowns on the page. You should look at making it more specific, most likely referencing the element by ID. There are lots of good examples in the JQuery docs:


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