Tutorial :Choosing a VS project type (C++)


I do not use C++ much (I try to stick to the easier stuff like Java and VB.NET), but the lately I have not had a choice. When I am picking a project type in VS for some C++ source I download, what project type should I pick? I had just been sticking with Win32 Console Applications, but I just downloaded some code (below) that will not work right even when it compiles with out errors. I have tried to use a CLR Console Application and an empty project too, and have changed many variables along the way, but I cannot get this code to work. I noticed that this code does not have "int main()" at its beginning, does that have something to do with it? Anyways, here is the code, got it from here:

/* Demo of modified Lucas-Kanade optical flow algorithm.     See the printf below */    #ifdef _CH_  #pragma package <opencv>  

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