Tutorial :Can I package a single text file as a text file in a maven repo?


I have a single configuration file which I would like to include as a dependency in a maven pom.xml. I want to keep around several versions of this, and have it appear in the classpath. I realize I could wrap it in a jar, but others in my team would like to easily inspect its contents. Looking at the types allowed in the pom.xml, I only see things like pom, jar, war, ear, ... Basically just archives of some sort. So I'm wondering what the pom.xml might look like to package a single file. I would imaging the maven artifacts on inspecting the server to be something like

myconfig-0.0.1.cfg  myconfig-0.0.1.cfg.md5  myconfig-0.0.1.cfg.sha1  myconfig-0.0.1.pom  myconfig-0.0.1.pom.md5  myconfig-0.0.1.pom.sha1  

So is this possible? What would the pom.xml look like?


I would wrap the configuration file in a jar and use the Dependency plugin to dependency:unpack the jar during the generate-resources phase (see the Unpacking specific artifacts example). This would allow to version it easily, to add it as dependency easily, and to inspect it easily.


See this discussion, specifically on using the maven-install plugin to define an installable artifact:


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