Tutorial :“Using a single session in multiple threads is likely a bug” error in NHProf when using NServiceBus


When executing an NServiceBus handler that uses NHibernate for its data access operations, I am seeing an error that I am not sure if I need to be concerned with.

The handler has code that does something like this:

using (var tx = Session.BeginTransaction())   {      var accountGroup = _groupRepository.FindByID(message.GroupID);      accountGroup.CreateAccount(message.AccountNumber);        tx.Commit();  }  

When I profile this process, I see the following lines:

  • enlisted session in distributed transaction with isolation level: Serializable
  • begin transaction with isolation level: Unspecified
  • SELECT ... FROM AccountGroups this_ WHERE this_.ID = 123
  • INSERT INTO Accounts ...
  • commit transaction
  • commit transaction

The first commit message is generated by my code when I call tx.Commit(). The second commit message, I believe occurs when we leave the Handle method of the handler and is called by NServiceBus. This second call to commit generates an alert in NHProf that states "Using a single session in multiple threads is likely a bug".

I don't think this is an issue, because there really is nothing to commit at that time, but am I doing some inappropriate here? I do want to run my code within a transaction, but when I do, I get this alert.

Any ideas?


This isn't an issue, what is happening is that NH Prof detects that the DTC commit is happening in another thread. It should actually handle DTC commits properly, so I am not sure what is going on. At a guess, using both DTC commit and standard commit it confusing it. I'll fix it.

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