Tutorial :Animating inline elements with jQuery


I am trying to show and hide an inline element (eg a span) using jQuery.

If I just use toggle(), it works as expected but if I use toggle("slow") to give it an animation, it turns the span into a block element and therefore inserts breaks.

Is animation possible with inline elements? I would prefer a smooth sliding if possible, rather than a fade in.

<script type="text/javascript">      $(function(){          $('.toggle').click(function() { $('.hide').toggle("slow") });      });  </script>  <p>Hello <span class="hide">there</span> jquery</p>  <button class="toggle">Toggle</button>  


toggle() has a bunch of weird things with it, including hiding or transforming odd elements at times. here's a similar solution:

$('.toggle').click(function() {    $('.hide').animate({      'opacity' : 'toggle',    });  });  

edit: here's a way to add smooth sliding, with minimal extra HTML markup:

var hidepos = $('.hide').offset().left;  var slidepos = $('.slide').offset().left;    $('.toggle').click(function() {      var goto = ($('.slide').offset().left < slidepos) ? slidepos : hidepos;        $('.slide').css({          'left' : $('.slide').offset().left,          'position' : 'fixed',      }).animate({          'left' : goto,      }, function() {          $(this).css('position', 'static');      });        $('.hide').animate({          'opacity' : 'toggle',      });  });  


<p>Hello <span class="hide">there</span> <span class="slide">jquery</span></p>  <button class="toggle">Toggle</button>  


Just one CSS-property will make you happy: http://terion-fallen.livejournal.com/332945.html

#animated-element { display: inline-block!important }  


I don't think it is possible like that. The only way I could think to do it would be to animate its opacity between 0 and 1, and, using a callback on the animation, then turn it on or off.

$('.toggle').click(function() {      $('.hide:visible').animate(          {opacity : 0},          function() { $(this).hide(); }      );      $('.hide:hidden')          .show()          .animate({opacity : 1})      ;  });  


As other answers have shown, fading is possible. However, I don't think "smooth sliding" will be. Simply put, a specific property of the element has to be animated. An inline span like you mention has no specific height or width, though it does have an opacity.


I don't think what you want to do is possible until display:inline-block is well supported across browsers. For now, I think I would fade the background to red, and then hide the element.

If display:inline-block was well supported, you could change the style to inline-block, and then animate the width or height, but unfortunately that won't work very well these days. Maybe in 2010 :)


The fact that 'animate' changes what it is animating to a block element is not an issue if what you are trying to slide left or right is positioned with float:left and whatever is next to it is also positioned with float:left

 $('#pnlPopup #btnUpdateButton').assertOne().animate({ width: "toggle" });  

if #btnUpdateButton is styled with the following then it slides quite nicely and pushes the content to the right.

#btnUpdateButton {      float: left;      margin-right: 5px;  }  

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