Tutorial :where i can find the RDP 7 OCX


can any body tell me the link form where i can download the RDP 7 OCX that will give me the feature of RDP 7 client such as bi-directional audio , Aero theam etc



Wouldn't it be included in the client? As to how to use it - I have never used this library myself. I'm not sure what level of use you are asking about, but you add a reference to the mstscax.dll in the same way you do any other ActiveX DLL. It should already should already be in the References window as Microsoft Terminal Services Control Type Library. If not, just browse to the DLL and add it. If you are asking how to use it to connect to a remote desktop here is a simple example:

Private WithEvents rdp As MSTSCLib.MsRdpClient2    Private Sub Command1_Click()     Set rdp = New MSTSCLib.MsRdpClient2     rdp.Server = ""     rdp.UserName = <username>     rdp.UserName = <password>     rdp.Connect  End Sub  

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