Tutorial :Where can I find useful R tutorials with various implementations?


I'm using R language and the manuals on the R site are really informative. However, I'd like to see some more examples and implementations with R which can help me develop my knowledge faster. Any suggestions?


I'll mention a few that i think are excellent resources but that i haven't seen mentioned on SO. They are all free and freely available on the Web (links supplied).

Data Analysis Examples A collection of individual examples from the UCLA Statistics Dept. which you can browse by major category (e.g., "Count Models", "Multivariate Analysis", "Power Analysis") then download examples with complete R code under any of these rubrics (e.g., under "Count Models" are "Poisson Regression", "Negative Binomial Regression", and so on).

Verzani: SimpleR: Using R for Introductory Statistics A little over 100 pages, and just outstanding. It's easy to follow but very dense. It is a few years old, still i've only found one deprecated function in this text. This is a resource for a brand new R user; it also happens to be an excellent statistics refresher. This text probably contains 20+ examples (with R code and explanation) directed to fundamental statistics (e.g., hypothesis testing, linear regression, simple simulation, and descriptive statistics).

Statistics with R (Vincent Zoonekynd) You can read it online or print it as a pdf. Printed it's well over 1000 pages. The author obviously got a lot of the information by reading the source code for the various functions he discusses--a lot of the information here, i haven't found in any other source. This resource contains large sections on Graphics, Basic Statistics, Regression, Time Series--all w/ small examples (R code + explanation). The final three sections contain the most exemplary code--very thorough application sections on Finance (which seems to be the author's professional field), Genetics, and Image Analysis.


Just to add some more

Programming in R


Linear algebra in R

The R Inferno

R by example

The R Clinic

Survey analysis in R

R & Bioconductor Manual


Resources to help you learn and use R

General R Links


All the packages on CRAN are open source, so you can download all the source code from there. I recommend starting there by looking at the packages you use regularly to see how they're implemented.

Beyond that, Rosetta Code has many R examples. And you may want to follow R-Bloggers.


Book like tutorials

Book like tutorials are usually spread in the form of PDF. Many of them are available on the R-project homepage here:


(This link includes many of the texts others have mentioned)

Article like tutorials

These are usually present inside blogs. The biggest list of R-bloggers I know of exists here:


And many of these bloggers posts (many of which are tutorials) are listed here:


(although inside each blog there are usually more tutorials).

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