Tutorial :VS2008 - F5 or “Ctrl + F5” activates “Test”


In Visual Studio 2008, when i click on Debug > Start Without Debugging (or CTRL + F5) happens the same thing as if I clicked on Test > Run > Tests in Current Context / All Tests in Solution
After few attempts of fixing, now every time I run project I get this warning:

"Executing the current test run will produce a new test run result, which will exceed the limit of 25 that is currently specified. If you continue, older test run results and their associated deployments will be deleted from the hard drive..."

Any ideas how to get things back to default state?


Did you accidently set your test project as "startup project"?

If so: right click the project that you actually want to run, and pick "Set at startup project..." (or something along those lines). Next time you hit F5 or Ctrl + F5 this project will run.


This didn't answer it for me (it wasn't my start up project) but I found this other stack overflow post that did explain it:

vs 2008 unit testing prompt meaning

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