Tutorial :Undo closed tab in Eclipse?


I was wondering if it were possible in Eclipse PDT to reopen a closed tab by mistake.

For example in Firefox I can do Ctrl + Shift + T.


Yes it's possible. Close a tab and hit the left yellow arrow in the Eclipse menu bar above. You can adjust the keyboard shortcut for that in the eclipse preferences under General > Keys.

On Mac it's ⌘ + [


Try Alt + left arrow that will go backward in history - if tab is closed it will reopen it.


Navigating back through the edit history does work sometimes, but not if you close the tab without actually activating it. You can also try Alt + F to access the file menu then hit a number to access the appropriate file in the recent file list.


You may also find the Extended VMM Presentation plugin useful. Among others, it provides a list of the last several closed tabs.

Keep in mind that so far it does not seem to work with the new Eclipse Juno.

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