Tutorial :Simple PHP Array Problem - IF EXIT


how can i convert this into an array? if someone searches for "lo" he gets the text "no query", but how can i do this for more words? i tried it with array('1','2')..

if ($query == 'lo')  {    exit ('No Query.');  }  

i want something like this

if ($query == 'lo', 'mip', 'get')  {    exit ('No Query.');  }  

so, if someone types mip he gets the message.. thank you!!


if ($query == 'lo' || $query == 'mip' || $query == 'get') {      exit('No query');  }  

Or if you might want to add many strings to check for, try using an array.

$bad_words = array('lo', 'mip', 'get', ... );  if (in_array($query, $bad_words)) {      exit('No query');  }  

Then adding new 'bad words' is as easy as adding them to the array.


Your array should look like this:

$array = array('lo', 'mip', 'get');  

Now Search

if (in_array('mip', $array))  {    echo 'We have a match';  }  else  {    echo 'No match';  }  

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