Tutorial :Read and write bytes from a file (c++)


I think I probably have to use an fstream object but i'm not sure how. Essentially I want to read in a file into a byte buffer, modify it, then rewrite these bytes to a file. So I just need to know how to do byte i/o.


#include <fstream>    ifstream fileBuffer("input file path", ios::in|ios::binary);  ofstream outputBuffer("output file path", ios::out|ios::binary);  char input[1024];  char output[1024];    if (fileBuffer.is_open())  {      fileBuffer.seekg(0, ios::beg);      fileBuffer.getline(input, 1024);  }    // Modify output here.    outputBuffer.write(output, sizeof(output));    outputBuffer.close();  fileBuffer.close();  

From memory I think this is how it goes.


If you are dealing with a small file size, I recommend that reading the whole file is easier. Then work with the buffer and write the whole block out again. These show you how to read the block - assuming you fill in the open input/output file from above reply

  // open the file stream    .....    // use seek to find the length, the you can create a buffer of that size    input.seekg (0, ios::end);       int length = input.tellg();      input.seekg (0, ios::beg);    buffer = new char [length];    input.read (buffer,length);      // do something with the buffer here    ............    // write it back out, assuming you now have allocated a new buffer    output.write(newBuffer, sizeof(newBuffer));    delete buffer;    delete newBuffer;    // close the file    ..........  


While doing file I/O, you will have to read the file in a loop checking for end of file and error conditions. You can use the above code like this

while (fileBufferHere.good()) {        filebufferHere.getline(m_content, 1024)        /* Do your work */    }  


#include <iostream>  #include <fstream>    const static int BUF_SIZE = 4096;    using std::ios_base;    int main(int argc, char** argv) {       std::ifstream in(argv[1],        ios_base::in | ios_base::binary);  // Use binary mode so we can     std::ofstream out(argv[2],            // handle all kinds of file        ios_base::out | ios_base::binary); // content.       // Make sure the streams opened okay...       char buf[BUF_SIZE];       do {        in.read(&buf[0], BUF_SIZE);      // Read at most n bytes into        out.write(&buf[0], in.gcount()); // buf, then write the buf to     } while (in.gcount() > 0);          // the output.       // Check streams for problems...       in.close();     out.close();  }  

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