Tutorial :RadTreeview expand/collapse doesn't work when embedded inside RadGrid


I have a Radtreeview that sits inside a RadGrid. For some reason the expand/collapse buttons of the Treeview are not working. I can expand the Treeview initially, however the NodeExpand event never fires.(a postback does occur to the server, and I have several buttons on the treeview node that work.) Once the node has been expanded, the collapse button doesn't work, and clicking on it does nothing.(no postback to server). I have the ExpandMode set to ServerSide. However, if I change the Expandmode to Clientside it works properly.

I really need the control to work with ExpandMode set to serverside, to reduce the loading for large Tree's.

Im not sure if this matters. But I am adding the Events to the RadTreeview when the event RadGrid_ItemDataBound is fired. I am noticing one strange behavior, that I cannot explain either, if I do not attach an event to NodeExpand It fails to open or close. Also the NodeDataBound event fires successfully and the data is loading fine into the tree.

RadTreeView tree = (RadTreeView)e.Item.FindControl("RadTreeView1");               tree.NodeDataBound += new RadTreeViewEventHandler(RadTreeView1_NodeDataBound);               tree.NodeExpand += new RadTreeViewEventHandler(RadTreeView1_NodeExpand);               tree.NodeCollapse += new RadTreeViewEventHandler(tree_NodeCollapse);   

Here is the decleration of the Treeview in the ascx file

<DetailTables>      <telerik:GridTableView Name="Detail Table" ShowHeader="false">      <Columns>                                         <telerik:GridTemplateColumn UniqueName="FooTreeview">              <ItemTemplate>                  <telerik:RadTreeView ID="RadTreeView1" runat="server" DataValueField="CommunicationID"                      LoadingStatusPosition="BelowNodeText" style="white-space: normal;">                      <NodeTemplate>                          <uc1:FooControl ID="r1" runat="server" FooBindings='<%#DataBinder.Eval(Container,"DataItem") %>' />                      </NodeTemplate>                  </telerik:RadTreeView>              </ItemTemplate>          </telerik:GridTemplateColumn>                                 </Columns>      </telerik:GridTableView>  </DetailTables>  


try adding your events to the RadGrid ItemCreated.

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