Tutorial :Line scanning openCV


below is a very simple code segment, but I am not able to understand why it is cribbing, can you please tell me what the error means:

CvSize iSize;  iSize= cvGetSize(I1);  CvLineIterator *iter ;  CvPoint p1,p2;  long *arrH = new long[iSize.height + 1];  long *arrV = new long [iSize.width + 1];          for( int i=0; i<=iSize.height;i++)  {        p1.y = i; p2.y=i;      p1.x = 0; p2.x=iSize.width;        arrH[i] =0;      int l = cvInitLineIterator(I1,p1,p2,iter,4,0);      for( int j=0;j<l;j++)      {          arrH[i]+=iter.ptr;          CV_NEXT_LINE_POINT(iter);        }        fprintf(f1,"%d \n",arrH[i]);    }  

Errors of the form: left of '.ptr' must have class/struct/union how do I tackle them ?


I think this:

CvLineIterator *iter ;  

Should be:

CvLineIterator iter ;  

And this:


Should be:


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