Tutorial :Layout buttons so each divides up the space equally


Im using a LinearLayout to put two buttons horizontally side-by-side, but I want to each button to size itself to use 50% of the horizontal space. I thought layout_weight of "1" for each button would do the trick, but maybe my layout_width needs to be changed?


The layout_weight attribute controls how much of the left over space each of your buttons is given. If your buttons take up different amounts of space to start with, then each of them will first be given the space they ask for, and then any remaining space will be divided up between them, meaning that you won't have an exact 50/50 split.

You can get around this behaviour by first setting layout_width="0px" (keeping your layout_weights as they are), and relying on 50% being enough space to display each button.


I would set the layout_width of each button to 0px, then use the layout_weight=1 trick you mentioned.

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