Tutorial :jQuery: Most efficient way to create blocks of HTML based on number of selected items?


So I have a basic HTML <select> element where a user can select a number.

What I then need to do is create some list items in an unordered list based on the number they selected.

What's the most efficient way to do that with jQuery?


The most efficient method may vary across browsers, but I would imagine that setting the innerHTML of a <ul> with a string of html elements would offer the best performance.

Here's a Working Demo

$("#select").change(function() {    var val = this.value,        lis = '';      for(var i=1; i <= val; i++) {      lis += '<li> Ticket ' + i + '</li>';    }        document.getElementById('list').innerHTML = lis;        });  

and HTML

  <select id="select">      <option value="1">1 ticket</option>      <option value="2">2 tickets</option>      <option value="3">3 tickets</option>      <option value="4">4 tickets</option>      <option value="5">5 tickets</option>      <option value="6">6 tickets</option>       </select>      <ul id="list"></ul>  


I would have a snippet of the html inside a div that is "display:none". Use JQuery to find that snippet. Then use a for loop to append a clone() of that snippet where you want it.

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