Tutorial :Is there a way to stream audio from MIC and play that stream in Silverlight


So I want to stream the audio from a mic using NAudio and then pass that stream to WCF which a Siverlight app can consume to broadcast the live audio sound. I want the latency to be as low as possible.

Any suggestions or if some one has already done it please point the source. Thanks in advance


what you are asking is certainly possible, but will be a fair amount of work to do. NAudio can handle to capturing microphone audio.

At the Silverlight end you can play custom audio formats (in this case PCM) using a custom media element streaming source. See this one: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/wavmss

I suspect latency would not be very good. You can reduce it by keeping the buffer sizes small. Also bear in mind that WAV is not a very efficient format to be sending over the network.


To have low latency as possible, you should use the netTcpBinding and stream your audio in binary format. I would use MemoryStream for this and try to play with the buffersize to figure out what the best performance is. Also, try checking audio formats for best performance. This also depends of the audio quality you expect.

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