Tutorial :Is there a feature to add some vertical space to the bottom or scroll below last line?


Whenever I'm doing some coding in Notepad++ i need to add some lines at the bottom so if i scroll down, the code doesn't stop at the bottom at the window. The problem is that I sometimes forget to take out the lines :/.

I need to know if there's some kind of plugin or feature that I may have missed that adds some vertical space at the bottom without being actual lines.

Or I have it all wrong and i should just resize the window?


You could use the NPPExec notepad++ plugin, and you could pass commands out this way. Perhaps call up Perl then, complete the necessary commands and save. Notepad++ should auto-update the file, and hey presto you have/don't have the remaining lines on the end of the file.

NPPExec can also execute commands internal to Notepad++ via Scitilla. List can be found here, fifth post down;


Hope this helps!

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