Tutorial :Is CherryPy a robust webserver (ie, is it reliable under a huge load like Apache)?


I'm wondering because CherryPy is, from my knowledge, built purely in Python, which is obviously slower than C et al. Does this mean that it's only good for dev / testing environments, or could I use it behind NGINX like I use Apache with Fast CGI currently?


CherryPy's WSGI server is about as fast as a pure-Python WSGI server is going to get. I personally use it behind Nginx in production, but even standalone on my dev machine I can load each instance with several hundred requests / sec. without problems.

Can you find a faster server? Yes. Is CherryPy a robust web server, and good enough for most people to use in production? Yes.


You should probably consider Apache + mod_wsgi as the standard front-end for any Python-based web application.

You do not want to serve any static content (.CSS, .JPEG, etc.) from any Python-based application; you want static files served by Apache.

You want the dynamic HTML page handle separately by the mod_wsgi daemon.

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