Tutorial :how to write the array into the sqlite database for objective-c?


i have taken the data from databse into array now i want it to send it back into database by using the insert query.

how can i insert the array of the data into the database.


Inserting into the database is pretty much the reverse of reading from it. You don't say what the structure of your array is but here is some skeleton code you should be able to adapt to your needs:

// Assuming you have the sqlite database opened already  // sqlite3 *sqldb = ...;    // Also assuming you have an array of MyItems holding your data  // NSMutableArray *items = ...;    sqlite3_stmt *insert_statement;    // Prepare the insert statement  const char*sql = "INSERT INTO mytable (field1, field2, field3) VALUES(?,?,?)";  sqlite3_prepare_v2(sqldb, sql, -1, &insert_statement, NULL);    // Iterate over an array of dictionaries  for (MyItem *item in items) {        // Bind variables - assumed to all be integers      sqlite3_bind_int(insert_statement, 1, item.field1);      sqlite3_bind_int(insert_statement, 2, item.field2);      sqlite3_bind_int(insert_statement, 3, item.field3);        // Execute the insert      if (sqlite3_step(insert_statement) != SQLITE_DONE) {          NSLog(@"Insert failed: %s", sqlite3_errmsg(sqldb));      }        // Reset the statement      sqlite3_reset(insert_statement);  }    // release the statement  sqlite3_finalize(insert_statement);  


Iterate through the array's contents and build up the INSERT query.

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