Tutorial :How To Implement ReverseAJAX (Comet) in ASP.Net MVC


How could I implement a Comet architecture in a ASP.Net MVC?


The paid alternative

There are great comments about the question in this thread.

And based in the fact you can use handlers in a MVC app:


will do the work : )


As long as you need to implement server push support onto your ASP.NET MVC application you will need some extra functionalities like detection of client status etc. I suggest you to try PokeIn comet ajax library which you can find sample project here


I doubt you will find something out of the box for MVC but you can always implement the client side code that handles timeouts and reconnects to an AJAX-enabled WCF service that polls for whatever event you want to be notified for. Be sure to set the timeout of the service to a higher value.

Edit 24.11.2013 Since the original question was posted SignalR was released which is a library to do just that.

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