Tutorial :How do you set the command-line arguments in Eclipse?


I'm having trouble setting the command-line arguments in Eclipse.

I've searched around the Internet but can't find anything that helps people with invisible textboxes. I even tried pressing the help button and nothing came up.

How does one set the command-line arguments in Eclipse for a Java project?

Screenshot of Eclipse http://static.zooomr.com/images/8978910_d91c113b07.jpg

Edit: I've tried blowing away Eclipse and reinstalling to no avail.

I also scanned for JREs again and switched to using the JDK instead of the JRE. This did not help matters.


Try resizing the window to make the text boxes appear.

I tried it on my Mac and if you make the window small enough the text boxes get obscured.


You need to set the main class and java runtime version first to see the text boxes. Then put the args in the "Program arguments" textbox.

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