Tutorial :How can I plot multiple functions in R?


Using ggplot, is there a way of graphing several functions on the same plot? I want to use parameters from a text file as arguments for my functions and overlay these on the same plot.

I understand this but I do not know how to add the visualized function together if I loop through.


Here is an implementation of Hadley's idea.

library(ggplot2)  funcs <- list(log,function(x) x,function(x) x*log(x),function(x) x^2,  exp)  cols <-heat.colors(5,1)  p <-ggplot()+xlim(c(1,10))+ylim(c(1,10))  for(i in 1:length(funcs))      p <- p + stat_function(aes(y=0),fun = funcs[[i]], colour=cols[i])  print(p)  

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