Tutorial :Erlang: Mnesia or Mysql? [closed]


What DBMS do you use with Erlang ? and Why ?


Here is an evaluation of DBMS in Erlang:


UPDATE: Mind it's a bit out-of-date, but it could turn useful as a start.


Mnesia, because it's all native erlang, and being able to store erlang terms is just great. Speeds up development too.

I know of no other DMBS that can integrate so closely with the language (that one's easy, Mnesia is almost part of the language, a Dict on steroids). Of course, it's a bit low-level, so functions like full-text search have to be coded against it, but it wouldn't be that much fun otherwise (unless you can couple it with some other open-source full-text search engines).

But you have to judge the different options for yourself against your own requirements.


I would use postgresql with the same code as this project. http://zotonic.com/ (just surf around for a sec, feel the low latency, I love it)

Postgresql will always be a little bit more mature than mysql. =)

It worth looking into. (Have not used it yet, but I will)

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