Tutorial :Blackberry Development - UI design


Is anyway to develop black berry apps with drag and drop IDE (interface builder) that is similiar to windows mobile development or android?

I can use either visual studio or eclipse.

Are there any other smartphone development such as those 2 that support drag and drop UI building.


I'm pretty sure the Visual Studio RAD plugin has some sort of drag and drop interface.

I wouldn't recommend this tho as it gives you very little control over your UI, RIM are stopping support for it shortly (sorry, can't find the article where I read this).

As far as I know there isn't anything else, you'd be best to read the tutorials on RIM's site and trying to create something from that.

Here is a link to a similar question asked on the Blackberry support forum.


but hey! I found the answers for you.... We use an IDE called SmartFace App Studio... it's similar to Eclipse I guess. But well, it's nice to have the Emulator runs smooth after finishing drag & dropping the UI elements there.

if you want to have it try to get it here... http://www.mobinex.biz/sas/

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