Tutorial :Using a POJO as an iReport data source


I have a POJO that compiles data from various sources into a single object. The object is instantiated with a single parameter. Example:

Invoice inv=new Invoice(1239);  

This will bring back a complete invoice containing other POJOs populated with data from various sources (such as the billing and shipping addresses as Address objects).

Can I use this as a data source within iReport?


You could try use a JRMapCollectionDataSource from which you can build a DataSource from a collection.

You could take the values from the POJO object and place them into a collection if possible.

Here is some sample code for constructing a DataSource.

Collection<Map<String, Object>> myColl = new ArrayList<Map<String,Object>>();    Map<String, Object> map1 = new HashMap<String, Object>();  map1.put("Field1","Value1");  map1.put("Field2","Value2");  map1.put("Field3", someObject);  myColl.add(map1);    JRMapCollectionDataSource source = new JRMapCollectionDataSource(myColl);  

Another option would be to create a custom datasource by implementing JRRewindableDataSource or JRDataSource.

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