Tutorial :Simple tool for callgraph in C++


Is there are simple tool, which can be used to determine from where a function is called, which other function the function calls ...?

Edit: I'm using Mac OS X (10.6) and just want to do static analysis.



How about cscope? Check out 3rd & 4th bullet items on the page:

  • functions called by a function
  • functions calling a function

It's been a while since I used cscope on C++, I seem to remember it being rock-solid on C code, but not as strong with C++.


gtags is a tool you can use for doing tagging, but for call tracing as well.


This supports C, C++, Yacc, Java and PHP4. But it can't handle C++ templates or other complex stuffs properly.

Using this tagging parser, I've made a script to get a call tree from
user's selection through bash completion like the following,
which is displaying a calltree in google profiler code:

% global-calltree -x prof_handler Add Evict ProfileData Stop DisableHandler RAW_CHECK WRITE_TO_STDERR  prof_handler:414 => Add:441               |profiler.cc                         |instance_.collector_.Add(depth, stack);   Add:241 => Evict:290                      |profiledata.cc                      |Evict(*e);    Evict:61 => ProfileData:75                |profiledata.cc                      |ProfileData::ProfileData()     ProfileData:124 => Stop:125               |profiledata.cc                      |Stop();      Stop:261 => DisableHandler:273            |profiler.cc                         |DisableHandler();       DisableHandler:400 => RAW_CHECK:405       |profiler.cc                         |RAW_CHECK(sigaction(SIGPROF, &sa, NULL) == 0, "sigaction failed");        RAW_CHECK:83 => WRITE_TO_STDERR:86        |base/logging.h                      |WRITE_TO_STDERR("Check failed: " #condition ": " message "\n",           \         WRITE_TO_STDERR:59 => DECLARE_int32:65    |base/logging.h                      |DECLARE_int32(verbose);  


Don't know about simple tools, but for free, there's codeviz (you can read the raw dumps rather than generate graphs if you prefer that). Caveat: all static analysis tools have some problems with virtual calls, and even worse with templates.


Since you use mac os, clang is a new compiler with static analysis feature.

An example on youtube: Finding bugs with clang

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