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I'm trying to use Javascript to parse text that has been entered in a text box - which would combine a variety of user-generated variables to create random activities. This might make more sense looking at the example. Some example input might be:

Activity  @Home  @Out    @Home  Read @book for @time  Clean up @room for @time    @Out  Eat at at @restaurant    @book  Enders Game  Lord of the Rings    @room  bedroom  garage  basement    @restaurant  Red Robin  McDonalds  Starbucks    @time  15 minutes  30 minutes  45 minutes  60 minutes  

Pound/and signs would be used to separate different categories.

The output would then be determined randomly from the given input, for example:

"Eat at Starbucks." or "Read Lord of the Rings for 60 minutes." or "Clean garage for 30 minutes."

Is this doable? It seems like it should be fairly straightforward, but I do not know where to start. Any suggestions?




No issue at all. Split the textbox value into an array based on line break characters. Then, go through the array one element at a time, sorting the values into variables for each section. Finally, use JavaScript's random number generator to randomly determine which of each group to select. Output to the user by assigning the value to an HTML element.


How about:

var myText = ...; // Input text  var lines = myText.split("\n");  var numLines = lines.length;  var i;  var currentSection;  var sections = Array();  var phrases = Array();    // parse phrases  for (i = 0; i < numLines; i++) {    var line = lines[i];    if (line.indexOf('@') == 1) {      // start of e.g. time section, handled in nex loop      break;    } else {      // phrase      phrase.push(line);    }  }    // parse sections  for ( ; i < numLines; i++) {    var line = lines[i];    if (line.indexOf('@') == 1) {      // start of next section, handled in nex loop      currentSection = line;      sections[currentSection] = new Array();    } else {      // add section entry      sections[currentSection].push(line);    }  }  

It's not too sophisticated, but does the job. Didn't test it though, but something like this should work. And where is the fun if this'd just work ;D

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