Tutorial :managing redirection with google analytics


I have a site that contains the file


It redirects folks to another site using an id it pulls from the database. I'd like to track the page on Google Analytics, see where users are coming from, and what popular sites they're going to.. etc. I currently set up the page so that it pulls (with PHP) the link from the database, and outputs the ga.js stuff and a javascript redirect.

The issue is that I'm getting the data on my analytics dashboard as if every id is a different page..

What is a better way to do this?


If you want to check for pages of the type redirect.php?id=x then the page Carlos links to is how you would do it.

You would want to exclude the id parameter from your search. Then Analytics would combine all the redirect.php?id=1 redirect.php?id=2 redirect.php?id=3 pages as just a single page named redirect.php

How do I exclude query parameters from my reports?

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