Tutorial :manage amazon/cj affiliates with API?


I have a redirect.php?id=xyz page.

The page redirects to an Amazon page with my affiliate link attached.

I'd like to be able to see if and when someone buys using my referral, the id=xyz that I used to redirect them with. Is it possible to see the referring page?



I don't think that's possible. Amazon would have to provide this information to you in their reports, because you have no way to tell what's happened once someone follows your redirect and leaves your site to go to Amazon.

Looking at the reports available in my Amazon (.co.uk) Associates Account, none of them contain any information about the referring URL that resulted in sales.

However, you can have multiple "Tracking IDs" for the one Associate Account, and these all have separate reports, so you could use a different Tracking ID for each id=xyz and associate the two together in that way. It might be quite difficult to manage if you have a lot of different id=xyz though.

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