Tutorial :How to get a delphi application (that's running) to do something at a particular time/date


My application sits in the system tray when it's not being used.

The user can configure events to occur at particular schedule. For example they may way the task performed mon-fri at 5pm or every wednesday at 3pm or on the 16th of every month at 10am.

Assuming my delphi program is always running, it starts at boot-up, what is the best way in delphi to support the triggering of these scheduled events.

Obviously a TTimer can be used to schedule events based on elapsed time but they don't seem suited to this problem.



You can use my CRON compliant Cromis Scheduler. It even supports some things that cron does not. Interval based events for instance and from / to timeframe. I use it in a lot of my software and it has proven itself quite useful. It is free, very lightweight, works in threads and is production tested. If you need any further help just mail me.

The other ways would be:

  1. Use windows scheduling API as already suggested. But this may change between OS-es.
  2. Use JCL that has a scheduler unit (component in the JVCL), but I found that one hard to use from code directly. That is why I wrote my own.


I would use the Microsoft Task Scheduler API for that:


There are Delphi Wrappers available for the API if you don't want to do the "dirty work", but I don't know if there's a free one. You might have a look at

If you don't want to use the Microsoft Scheduler, there are things like the CronJob Component available here: http://www.appcontrols.com/components.html. It's shareware, too, but is easy to implement (just an onAlert event).


You need a scheduling component. There are many available, however I can't seem to find any free one. You can always build one yourself, based on TTimer, or try to access theTask Scheduling API.

However, having a timer that executes a task every minute to check if a task is due, is much simpler.


You could implement some kind of inter process communication in your program and trigger these events via ipc by a program called from the Windows scheduling service. This approach has the advantage that you don't need to write a user interface to set up the schedule and also that ipc might prove useful in other ways.


Since your application is running, you can use the idle event to see if a preset date/time has already elapsed and if so then to perform your timing. The only side effect of this approach is that your event won't fire if the application is busy, but then neither would a timer (for the TTimer to work the message queue needs to be processed, or the application needs to be "Idle" unless you use a threaded timer).

uses    ...,DateUtils; // contains IncMinute    type    TForm1 = Class(TForm)      :      procedure FormCreate(Sender: TObject);    private       fTargetDate : tDateTime;      procedure AppIdle(Sender: TObject; var Done: Boolean);    end;    procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);  begin    fTargetDate := 0.0;    Application.OnIdle := AppIdle;    fTargetDate := IncMinute(Now,2);  end;    procedure TForm1.AppIdle(Sender: TObject; var Done: Boolean);  begin    if (fTargetDate <> 0.0) and (Now >= fTargetDate) then      begin        fTargetDate := 0.0;        ShowMessage('started');      end;   end;  

EDIT If you have multiple times you need to run something, place in an ordered list by date/time and then only track the NEXT time something will run. As something is run, it is removed for the list (or rescheduled back into the list and the list re-sorted).


Another option would be to create a TThread which performs the management of the timer:

type    TestThreadMsg = class(tThread)    private      fTargetDate : tDateTime;      fMsg : Cardinal;    protected      procedure Execute; override;      procedure NotifyApp;    public      constructor Create( TargetDate : TDateTime; Msg:Cardinal);    end;  


constructor TestThreadMsg.Create(TargetDate: TDateTime; Msg: Cardinal);  begin    inherited Create(True);    FreeOnTerminate := true;    fTargetDate := TargetDate;    fMsg := Msg;    Suspended := false;  end;    procedure TestThreadMsg.Execute;  begin    Repeat      if Terminated then exit;      if Now >= fTargetDate then        begin          Synchronize(NotifyApp);          exit;        end;      Sleep(1000); // sleep for 1 second, resoultion = seconds    Until false;  end;    procedure TestThreadMsg.NotifyApp;  begin    SendMessage(Application.MainForm.Handle,fMsg,0,0);  end;  

Which can then be hooked up to the main form:

const    WM_TestTime = WM_USER + 1;    TForm1 = Class(TForm)    :    procedure FormCreate(Sender: TObject);    procedure WMTestTime(var Msg:tMessage); message WM_TestTime;  end;    procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);  begin    TestThreadMsg.Create(IncSecond(Now,5),WM_TestTime);  end;    procedure TForm1.WMTestTime(var Msg: tMessage);  begin    ShowMessage('Event from Thread');  end;  

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