Tutorial :How to automate building and deploying a BPEL application


I need to automate the building and deployment of (several) BPEL applications to a weblogic server.

I now do it using jDeveloper 11g, but I guess there should be some command line tools to do it. (I come from a Microsoft /.NET / Visual Studio background, and I can automate the deployment of my .NET applications using the command line and msbuild)

Does anyone know how to do that via the command line?


I don't have any experience with BPEL on Oracle WebLogic but according to this documentation a BPEL application is packaged as a standard EAR. I don't know exactly how your sources are structured under JDeveloper but you best option here to automate the packaging and the deployment of this EAR is IMO to use Ant (or Maven but if all this is totally new for you I would recommend using Ant).

Maybe this tutorial can help you to get started for the packaging part (basically, how to use the ear task). And for the deployment, I suggest to use the wldeploy Ant task (which wraps the weblogic.Deployer utility). I've mentioned them in this recent answer.

Also have a look at this question, it seems that JDeveloper might have some support to achieve this task (but I have zero knowledge of it so I can't provide any guidance, JDeveloper is not really widely used).


I assume you are using Oracle SOA Suite 11g? If so, have a look at Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle SOA Suite, particularly the section 38.7 Deploying SOA Composite Applications and the subsection 38.7.5 Managing SOA Composite Applications with Scripts.

You may also find useful advice in the Oracle BPEL forums.

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