Tutorial :How does a Robot respond privately to you in Google Wave?


Google Wave allows two or more participants to speak privately within a wave. When my robot is added to the wave, I recognize the WAVELET_SELF_ADDED event and call the method below. However, nothing happens.

I can tell that the code is executed because of the Debug and Info statements in the logs. Is there any reason why the robot does not start a private blip when it's added?

def start_private_wavelet(properties, context):      """Start a private conversation between the robot and some participants."""      participants = []      participants.append('my-username@googlewave.com')      participants.append('my-robot@appspot.com')        logging.debug('Getting wave info')        root_wavelet = context.GetRootWavelet()      root_wave_id = root_wavelet.GetWaveId()      root_wave = context.GetWaveById(root_wave_id)        logging.debug('Creating private wave in %s' % root_wave_id)        private_wavelet = root_wave.CreateWavelet(participants)      message = private_wavelet.CreateBlip()      message.GetDocument().SetText("This is a private conversation...")        logging.debug('Private wave created')  


A private conversion is created through a Wavelet.

So, using the Python API, I think you're looking for OpBasedWave.CreateWavelet.

participants = []  participants.append('other-user@googlewave.com')  participants.append('self-robot@appspot.com') # Remember to add your robot!    private_wavelet = root_wave.CreateWavelet(participants)  message = private_wavelet.CreateBlip()  message.GetDocument().SetText("Hi there, this is just a secret!")  

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