Tutorial :How can I load the following XML using LINQ-to-XML into a dictionary?


How can I load the following formatted XML document:

<Settings>      <MimeTypes>          <MimeType Type="application/mac-binhex40" Extensions=".hqx"/>          <MimeType Type="application/msword" Extensions=".doc;.docx"/>          <MimeType Type="application/pdf" Extensions=".pdf"/>          <MimeType Type="application/vnd.ms-excel" Extensions=".xla;.xlc;.xlm;.xls;.xlt;.xlw;.xlsx"/>      </MimeTypes>   </Settings>  

Into a dictionary where the key is an individual extension, and the value is the mimetype.

So, for this line:

<MimeType Type="application/vnd.ms-excel" Extensions=".xla;.xlc;.xlm;.xls;.xlt;.xlw;.xlsx"/>  

I would have the following key-value entries:

Key: ".xla" Value: "application/vnd.ms-excel"
Key: ".xlc" Value: "application/vnd.ms-excel"
Key: ".xlm" Value: "application/vnd.ms-excel"
Key: ".xls" Value: "application/vnd.ms-excel"
Key: ".xlt" Value: "application/vnd.ms-excel"

I'm relatively new to the LINQ-To-XML business.

I know that I should load in the document into an XElement like:

 XElement settingsDoc = XElement.Load("Settings.xml");  

However, how to do I select all "MimeType" entries?


Something like:

 var dictionary = (from element in settingsDoc.Descendants("MimeType")                     from extension in element.Attribute("Extensions")                                           .Value.Split(';')                     select new { Type = element.Attribute("Type").Value,                                  Extension = extension })                     .ToDictionary(x => x.Extension,                                   x => x.Type);  


This is my solution.

 XElement el = XElement.Parse(txt);              var mimeTypes = el.Element("MimeTypes").Elements("MimeType");              var transFormed = mimeTypes.Select(x =>                      new                      {                          Type = x.Attribute("Type").Value,                          Extensions = x.Attribute("Extensions").Value.Split(';')                      }                         );              Dictionary<string, string> mimeDict = new Dictionary<string, string>();              foreach (var mimeType in transFormed)              {                  foreach (string ext in mimeType.Extensions)                  {                      if (mimeDict.ContainsKey(ext))                          mimeDict[ext] = mimeType.Type;                      else                          mimeDict.Add(ext, mimeType.Type);                  }              }  

Okay, after looking at Jonh's code...here is my 2nd solution :)

XElement el = XElement.Parse(txt);  var mimeTypes = el.Element("MimeTypes").Elements("MimeType");  var dictionary = mimeTypes.SelectMany(x => x.Attribute("Extensions").Value.Split(';').Select(                                                 ext => new                                                  {                                                      Key = ext,                                                      Value = x.Attribute("Type").Value                                                   }                                                )                                       ).ToDictionary( x => x.Key, y => y.Value);  


Here is my contribution.

        Dictionary<string, string> dic = new Dictionary<string,string>();          foreach (XElement element in settingsDoc.Descendants("MimeType"))          {              string val = element.Attribute("Type").Value;              foreach (string str in element.Attribute("Extensions").Value.Split(';'))                  if (!dic.ContainsKey(str)) dic.Add(str, val);          }  

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