Tutorial :Find deleted records from a type-2 table, efficiently


I've got a database table of type-2 data, and I want to find records that were deleted since I last synced with it. It's got date_from and date_to columns, and the raw data has an ID column object_id. date_to<>null means it doesn't exist now, so if there's no other record with the same object_id and date_to=null, then it's been deleted.

I believe a naive implementation would be something like:

select * from data_t2 a  where a.date_to > last_sync_date and a.date_to < current_date()  and not exists (select * from data_t2 b                  where b.date_to is null and b.object_id = a.object_id);  

but obviously that's going to be ridiculously expensive.

Is there an obvious more efficient way that I'm missing? I suspect there isn't (or rather, that I should assume there are relatively few deleted records, and do some of the computation outside the RDBMS), but I figured I'd ask just in case.



Before you start tuning the query, you really should run EXPLAIN or apply some other diagnostics. Otherwise you cannot see how a rewrite changes the plan

You can rewrite this with an outer join. In for example MySQL, this will be much faster than the subquery:

SELECT    *   FROM      data_t2 a  LEFT JOIN data_t2 b  ON        a.object_id = b.object_id  AND       b.date_to IS NULL  WHERE     a.date_to > last_sync_date   AND       a.date_to < current_date()      AND       b.object_id IS NULL  

If the dimension table is really large, and there is an index that has date_to as first column, and the number of rows having date_to IS NULL is a small fraction of the entire table, this might be faster still:

SELECT    *   FROM      data_t2 a  LEFT JOIN (            SELECT object_id            FROM   data_t2 b            WHERE  b.date_to IS NULL            )  ON        a.object_id = b.object_id  WHERE     a.date_to > last_sync_date   AND       a.date_to < current_date()      AND       b.object_id IS NULL  

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