Tutorial :evolution plugin for crm integration via webservices


I have built a webservice into my companies self developed CRM system that we are in the process of integrating Outlook to the CRM for calendar sync and recording of emails related to clients.

I want to build a plugin for the gnome evolution mail client as I use it for my work mail/calendar as I primarily run Linux.

I am familiar with both C/C++ and to some extent Python but haven't done anything towards either evolution plugins or webservices connections in either so I am looking for some help.

What language would be best to build an evolution plugin that can connect to webservices?

Is there a simple "Hello world" style evolution plugin example somewhere I can use to get started?


I would start with the architecture of Evolution. Then I would look into EPlugins and start off with this. An example for writing a plugin would be this. You will need some familiarity with XML.

Hope this helps.

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