Tutorial :Eclipse 3.4 JSP validation question


Why is eclipse saying 'No end Tag (</c:if>).' on line 1 and 'No start tag (<c:if>)' on line 4 of the following code snippet:

<c:if test="${ShowLoginLink}">      Log in again and export the document as PDF.</p>      <a href="${LoginLink}"><img src="<%= request.getContextPath() %>/images/linkIcon.jpg" width="17" height="17" style="float:left; padding-right: 3px; border: none;"/>Log In</a>  </c:if>  

It works fine at runtime on the server. I am just annoyed with eclipse validation.


you have a missing start paragraph see line 2


If you dont want to get bugged by this validation you can simple disable all validations by right clicking on your project> validations> disable all validations.

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