Tutorial :Authlogic:facebook connect - error undefined local variable or method


I'm trying to integrate facebook connect to authlogic which is working fine with OAuth twitter. I get this error right after putting the button to the login form.

undefined local variable or method `authlogic_facebook_login_button'   

Does anyone here know what the issue is? I already restarted the server after installing the plugin.



Doh! It was another silly mistake. I installed the plugin by executing this line on my Windows rad rails console.

script/plugin install http://github.com/kalasjocke/authlogic_facebook_connect.git  

Just now I noticed that the /vendor/plugins/authlogic_facebook_connect dir is empty. The issue is on windows there we need to pass a trailing slash to the end of URL to get the directory contents. So I ran this and restarted the server, and it works.

script/plugin install http://github.com/kalasjocke/authlogic_facebook_connect.git/ --force  + ./README.rdoc  + ./init.rb  + ./lib/authlogic_facebook_connect.rb  + ./lib/authlogic_facebook_connect/acts_as_authentic.rb  + ./lib/authlogic_facebook_connect/helper.rb  + ./lib/authlogic_facebook_connect/session.rb  + ./lib/authlogic_facebook_connect/version.rb  

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