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I'm writing an application for android and would like to have an itunes like coverflow preview. Is there anything in the api that I can use or do I have to build it from scratch?


There is no built-in coverflow widget, the closest thing is probably the Gallery widget. Still I'd be surprised if someone hadn't tried something of the sort yet, and you might find some code floating around the internet. Google has some mentions of coverflow on Android, though I haven't checked it out in any detail.


I've created a basic coverflow widget it can be found here:



This is not provided by default however there is:



For latest versions (3.1+) of the sdk there is a sample provided during Google I/O 2 years ago. It shows a 3D coverflow which could be an alternative to a coverflow. (It's widely used in apps like Google Music and News app).

Demo here.

Source code here.


I made a coverflow widget from scratch. It doesn't use any deprecated components. You can find it here: http://applm.github.io/ma-components/

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