Tutorial :Website problems with Safari


Does anyone know why my site is all messed up on safari? I need to get it live by monday and this is racking my brain.


Thanks in advance!


For the most obvious problem, I believe you need to have float:left; on the image so that the text lines up properly.

I don't see anything else that looks unintentional; can you clarify what you'd like fixed?

Also, please validate your site before asking for help fixing it.


When I look at the page source, I see a closing script tag without a corresponding opening tag right after the body tag. Do you have some conditional code that should contain the closing tag?

<body>        </script>  


I would give it a DocType and so forth.

Do run it on W3C Validator from time to time. It should validate and, everything that does not validate, you should know why.

Meaning that what does not validate is under-your-control and you know why it doesn't.

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