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can any one please tell the tool which converts vb6 to vb.net

thanks dagg


There is one that comes with vb.net. When you open a .vbp vb6 project, it asks if you would like to automatically convert it to vb.net. It does a pretty good job, exclusive of third party add-ons.


I believe that Visual Studio has a built-in VB6 -> VB .NET project and source conversion component built in. I haven't used it for a while, last time I did a conversion was with Visual Studio 2005. It was a little tricky, and there was still some manual clean up involved to get things working just right. I don't know what the VS2008 system is like.


This is certainly not a trivial matter.

DotNetRocks recently did a show on this, which you will find here - Francesco Balena on VB to .NET Migration - http://www.dotnetrocks.com/default.aspx?showNum=491

This will introduce you to some of the issues, and indeed, a tool to do a conversion.


Microsoft Corp just published a world-wide case study based on the successful VB6 migration project:



You can also try Visual Basic Upgrade Companion.
It generates VB .NET and C# and maps COM components to Framework components.


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