Tutorial :rails convert class methods to named scope


Rails newbie here. I'm trying to get some class methods into named_scopes. My application structure is similar to a blog application with user comments. Each comment model has a score attribute determined by ratings made from other users. I want to be able to have a named scope that returns the top ten users with the largest total scores from the sum of all the scores of each comment they have made.

To get the total score I've created this method:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base    # total score for all comments made by a particular user    def total_score      comments.sum(:score)    end  end  

Then to get the top ten scores as a class method I use this:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base    # The top ten users ranked by total score    def self.top_commenters      find(:all, :limit => 10).sort_by {|commenter| commenter.total_score}.reverse     end  end  

I've been trying to get the same functionality into a named scope but I can't seem to figure it out.

Any suggestions?


named_scope :top_commenters, :limit => 10, :order => "total_score DESC"  

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