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Python Ternary Operator

Is there a way to write this C/C++ code in Python? a = (b == true ? "123" : "456" )


a = '123' if b else '456'  


While a = 'foo' if True else 'bar' is the more modern way of doing the ternary if statement (python 2.5+), a 1-to-1 equivalent of your version might be:

a = (b == True and "123" or "456" )  

... which in python should be shortened to:

a = b is True and "123" or "456"  

... or if you simply want to test the truthfulness of b's value in general...

a = b and "123" or "456"  

? : can literally be swapped out for and or


My cryptic version...

a = ['123', '456'][b == True]  


See PEP 308 for more info.

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