Tutorial :Prefetching data in with Linq-to-SQL, IOC and Repository pattern


using Linq-to-SQL I'd like to prefetch some data.

1) the common solution is to deal with DataLoadOptions, but in my architecture it won't work because :

  • the options have to be set before the first query
  • I'm using IOC, so I don't directly instanciate the DataContext (I cannot execute code at instanciation)
  • my DataContext is persistent for the duration of a web request

2) I have seen another possibility based on loading the data and its childs in a method, then returning only the data (so the child is already loaded) see an example here

Nonetheless, in my architecture, it cannot not work :

  • My queries are cascaded out of my repository and can be consumed by many services that will add clauses
  • I work with interfaces, the concrete instances of the linq-to-sql objects do not leave the repositories (yes, you can work with interfaces AND add clauses)
  • My repositories are generic

Yes, this architecture is quiet complicated, but it's very cool as I can play with the code like lego ;)

My question is : what are the other possibilities to prefetch a data ?


In my app i use perhaps a variation to your potential solution #2. It's somewhat difficult to explain but simply: i chain and defer lazy loading in my model with custom lazy classes so as to abstract away from the LinqToSql-specific Differed Execution that i take advantage of with IQueryable. Benefits:

  • My Domain Model and Service layer upwards does not necessarily have to depend on the LinqToSql provider (i can swap out my DAL with interfaces if i want to)
  • My Service methods can and do return complete object graphs with multiple 'anchor points' for lazy loading using classes that abstract away a particular lazy loading implementation - so i can use LinqToSql-specific Differed Execution or something else (eg. anon delegates. again, refer to this answer)
  • I can maintain IQueryable results throughout my app (even to the UI if i want to) thus allowing infinite LINQ query chaining without having to worry about performance.


I'm not aware of other possibilities, it seems like you've pushed LinqToSql to its limits (I may be wrong, however).

I think your best options at this point are:

  1. Add some "non-generic" methods to your application to handle just the specific scenarios where you want/need eager loading and don't use your "normal", "generic" infrastructure for those methods.
  2. Use an ORM that has more sophisticated support for eager and lazy loading.


I found a solution. My answer is 'Dependency injection'.

It's generally shipped with IOC, and mean you can have your IOC container manage injection of classes at instanciation.

All I need is to inject a CustomDCParameter class when I instanciate a DC. That class will contains the rules, and the constructor will apply all of them.

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