Tutorial :Page not submitting in Firefox


I've a user control registered in an aspx page. User control has a textbox and a submit button. Ascx code of user control is placed under a asp:panel. Using firefox, when user hits enter key, the page is not submitting to the server.However, this works fine in IE browsers. Am i missing something here?


Try setting defaultbutton="urbuttonid" to the asp:panel


Set property DefaultButton="submitbtn" for asp:panel.

Replace submitbtn with your asp:button id.


Yea, what the others say. You've probably got a submit button earlier in the page that Firefox is associating you enter key press with.


  <asp:panel .... DefaultButton="btSubmit">       <asp:textbox ... />       <asp:button id="btSubmit" ... />      </asp:panel>  

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