Tutorial :LINQ's FirstOrDefault in SQL script?


What is the SQL language keyword for the LINQ-to-SQL FirstOrDefault or SingleOrDefault?

Is it TOP(1)?


SELECT TOP(1) @ItemCode = ItemCode FROM VendorItem WHERE VendorId = @VendorId   

There can't be more than 1 results anyway since there is a Unique Key constranint, do I have to spell out the TOP(1) or whatever it is?

Note: I don't need LINQ answers, my question is how to write the sql script.


If there is a unique key constraint you do not need to add anything to have the FirstOrDefault behavior. For other queries you can add


to the end of your SQL query. This will just give you the first answer which matches your constraints.

Edit after comment: To get it as a scalar in .NET you can use the SQLCommand.ExecuteScalar method.

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