Tutorial :jQuery .live() and Document ready


I'm trying to set a CSS style using .live(). The CSS function:

$(".data tr:odd").addClass("evenrows");   

Is there a way for this to happen automatically on document ready but still happen for future elements? I've got an ajax event on the page that re-orders a table. I need these newly created rows to have the .addClass applied to them.

Thanks in advance.


you could use the Livequery plugin. It binds itself to DOM mutation events to track changes in the DOM, and re binds and re executes code attached to them, e.g:

$(".data tr:odd").livequery(function(){     $(this).addClass("evenrows");  });  


We've accomplished this by hooking into the Ajax event delegates and doing whatever we want there. See "Complete" here: http://docs.jquery.com/Ajax/jQuery.ajax#options

You would use Live to attach any event handlers to those new rows. See: http://docs.jquery.com/Events/live#typefn


Right now our JavaScript is setting up a Global ajax call function that accepts the parameters needed. Using a template function with extension parameters available to cause the changes you want to make could eliminate any unnecessary duplicate code and open possibilities for more manageable code.


GlobalObject.AjaxFunction(sUrl, SData, fnOnSuccess, fnOnError, oExtension)  {     //Set up Ajax process       // check type of extension as a function     if (typeof oExtension === 'function')     {        oExtension();     }  }  

This would enable your code to have generic availability for after ajax processing.

Hope this helps in context with your needs, if I didn't quite understand comment to let me know!

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