Tutorial :iPhone SDK: How/when should I release a UITableView delegate object?


I am using a custom class as the delegate and datasource on a UITableView. I'm doing (something like) this in my viewDidLoad method:

MyClass *myObject = [[MyClass alloc] init];  tableViewOutlet.delegate = myObject;  tableViewOutlet.dataSource = myObject;  

Surely I need to decrease the retain count on myObject somewhere? But calling [myObject release] here has very bad results - the delegate gets destroyed before the table has finished doing its stuff.

I have tried

MyClass *myObject = [[[MyClass alloc] init] autorelease];  

but it also has terrible consequences.

Do I have a memory leak here? If so, how and when do I release the delegate safely?


Your interface file:

@interface SomeClass: NSObject {      MyClass *myObject;  }  @property (nonatomic,retain) MyClass *myObject;    @end  

Your implementation file:

@implementation SomeClass  @synthesize myObject;    -(void)dealloc {      // if you want to be safe, change tableViewOutlet properties...      // tableViewOutlet.delegate = nil;      // tableViewOutlet.dataSource = nil;      [myObject release]; // retain = 0      [super dealloc];  }  ...  MyClass *obj = [[MyClass alloc] init]; // retain = 1  self.myObject = obj; // retain  = 2    // NOTE: if you instead write: myObject = obj; **NO** retain msg will be sent.  // *not* what you want in this context.  tableViewOutlet.delegate = obj; // assign, so retain =2   tableViewOutlet.dataSource = obj;  // assign, so retain = 2  [obj release]; // retain = 1  ...    @end  


make myObject an instance variable by declaring it in the @interface (.h file), then call...

[myObject release];  

.. in your dealloc method.

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