Tutorial :Gtk How to add GtkMenu widget at end edge of widget


I have a GtkMenu Widget and i am adding it to screen on button click,, but it gets added at mouse location but i want to add it to end edge of button widget like,

+-------+  |BUTTON |  +-------+  +------------+  |Menu Item 1 |  |Menu Item 2 |  +------------+  

I am using following code to add popup menu

    // Add popup menu.      gtk_menu_popup( GTK_MENU (widget), NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL,                                          bevent->button, bevent->time);  

Ok added this function but popup menu gets added to end of window not at the end of button widget...

void set_position (GtkMenu *menu, gint *px, gint *py, gboolean *push_in, gpointer data)  {      gint w, h;      GtkBuilder *builder = GetBuilderPointer();      GtkWidget *button = GTK_WIDGET( gtk_builder_get_object( builder, "button_presence"));        gdk_window_get_size (button->window, &w, &h);      gdk_window_get_origin (button->window, px, py);      *py = h;        printf("\n\n w[%d] h[%d] px[%d] py[%d]\n\n", w, h, *px, *py );      *push_in = TRUE;  }  

Printf gives output like follows,
w[350] h[400] px[341] py[607]

i am not able to retrieve x, y, height, width of button widget...
Note: This button is a custom widget with (GtkHBox+(GtkImage+GtkLabel)) in it.

thanks unwind for your answer.


The fourth argument to gtk_menu_popup() is a pointer to a GtkMenuPositionFunc, which is a callback that you can define. You need to add such a callback, and have it return the desired position, by reading it out of the button widget's GdkWindow.

It's been a while since I did this, but you might also have to read out the parent window's position on-screen, and add the widget's position to them to get the absolute coordinates where you want the menu to pop up.

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