Tutorial :Drag and drop a html table into another application


I'm having a problem dragging an html table from my C# winforms application into an external application (Outlook email message) and getting it to render as a table instead of a plain text version of that table. I know that when you copy/paste in the clipboard you have to put the table in CF_HTML format but that doesn't seem to help with dragging the table. Does anyone know what I am missing?


ObjectListView supports copying and dragging rows from a ListView to other applications, in both text and HTML versions. To do that, it does something like this:

DataObject dataObject = new DataObject();  this.CreateTextFormats(dataObject);  Clipboard.SetDataObject(dataObject);  

To do drag and drop, the code is virtually the same:

DataObject dataObject = new DataObject();  this.CreateTextFormats(dataObject);  DragDropEffects effect = this.DoDragDrop(dataObject, DragDropEffects.All);                  

CreateTextFormats() is not complicated:

public void CreateTextFormats(DataObject do) {      string textVersion;      string htmlVersion;      // Do the work of making the tab-separated text version and the HTML code      do.SetData(textVersion);      do.SetText(ConvertToHtmlFragment(htmlVersion), TextDataFormat.Html);  }  

Getting the HTML format right took longer:

/// <summary>  /// Convert the fragment of HTML into the Clipboards HTML format.  /// </summary>  /// <remarks>The HTML format is found here http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa767917.aspx  /// </remarks>  /// <param name="fragment">The HTML to put onto the clipboard. It must be valid HTML!</param>  /// <returns>A string that can be put onto the clipboard and will be recognized as HTML</returns>  private string ConvertToHtmlFragment(string fragment) {      // Minimal implementation of HTML clipboard format      string source = "http://www.codeproject.com/KB/list/ObjectListView.aspx";        const String MARKER_BLOCK =          "Version:1.0\r\n" +          "StartHTML:{0,8}\r\n" +          "EndHTML:{1,8}\r\n" +          "StartFragment:{2,8}\r\n" +          "EndFragment:{3,8}\r\n" +          "StartSelection:{2,8}\r\n" +          "EndSelection:{3,8}\r\n" +          "SourceURL:{4}\r\n" +          "{5}";        int prefixLength = String.Format(MARKER_BLOCK, 0, 0, 0, 0, source, "").Length;        const String DEFAULT_HTML_BODY =          "<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN\">" +          "<HTML><HEAD></HEAD><BODY><!--StartFragment-->{0}<!--EndFragment--></BODY></HTML>";        string html = String.Format(DEFAULT_HTML_BODY, fragment);      int startFragment = prefixLength + html.IndexOf(fragment);      int endFragment = startFragment + fragment.Length;        return String.Format(MARKER_BLOCK, prefixLength, prefixLength + html.Length, startFragment, endFragment, source, html);  }  


If you don't need formatting, simply copy it to the clipboard as tab-delimited text. This way it'll paste as a table in Excel, and presumable most other table-compatible applications.

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