Tutorial :Can anyone see what is wrong with my Javascript?


I have written the following:

var pages=["[www.google.co.uk] This is the WWW. ","[www.yahoo.co.uk] This is also the WWW. "];  function findScoresC(s){   var scores=[];  var words=[];  var wordScore;  var indexScore=[];  s=s.toLowerCase();  for(i=0;i<pages.length; i++){     var lowerCaseContents=(pages[i].substring(pages[i].indexOf("]")+1,pages[i].lastIndexOf(" "))).toLowerCase();     words=lowerCaseContents.split(" ");     for(i=0;i<words.length;i++){      if(words[i].match(s)){          wordScore=1;          indexScore[i]=indexScore[i]+1};     scores[i] =indexScore[i]}};  return scores;  }  alert(findScoresC("w"));  

The function aims to return an array ("scores") where each index of the array is the number of times the string s is found in each index of the "pages" array, excluding what is inside the square brackets - however, only finding the string s once within each word. So ideally, the first index of scores would be 1, because I have called the function with the letter w, and i would only like it to find the first w of "WWW" in the first index of pages - if this makes sense.

I have confused myself pretty epically in getting this far, so I have no idea why the function is returning ",,,," rather than numerical values for each index of scores - any ideas?



var pages=["[www.google.co.uk] This is the WWW. ","[www.yahoo.co.uk] This is also the WWW. ";    function findScoresC(s){     var scores=[];    var words=[];    s=s.toLowerCase();    for(i=0;i<pages.length; i++)    {       scores[i]=0;       var lowerCaseContents=(pages[i].substring(pages[i].indexOf("]")+1,pages[i].lastIndexOf(" "))).toLowerCase();       words=lowerCaseContents.split(" ");       for(j=0;j<words.length;j++)       {          if(words[j].match(s))          {            scores[i] += 1;          }        }    }    return scores;  }  alert(findScoresC("w"));  

There were a few things. I replaced "i" with "j" for the inner index. You don't require a semicolon after a closing paren. You should have a semicolon after instructions (a couple were missing).

Probably the main issue (after the "i" issue) was that scores[i] should have been set outside the inner loop. This would have been clearer if the cosing parens had been separated out onto separate lines, instead of like "scores[i] =indexScore[i]}};".

It turned out that the variable indexScore was not required. That allowed me to bring scores[i] inside the inner loop to accumulate word hits directly.

Finally, I would prefer to communicate the pages variable to the function as an argument than to assume that it is available in the global space. I tend to avoid globals if I can.

var pages = [...];  function findScoresC(pages, s)  {     ...  }  alert(findScoresC(pages, "w"));  


When your for loop exits, i is equal to words.length, which is one greater than the last index of indexScore. You are assigning nothing at all to scores[i] each time through.


It might be because you have a nested for loop with the same index variable.


Here's you're function fixed. It returns [1,1] which appears to be what you were going for. My notes are in the code.

var pages=["[www.google.co.uk] This is the WWW. ","[www.yahoo.co.uk] This is also the WWW. "];    function findScoresC(s){       var scores = [],          words = [],          wordScore;          // indexScore = [] <- this doesn't seem necessary      s = s.toLowerCase();        // Make sure to use `var i` and not just `i`; otherwise, you are creating a global variable.      for ( var i=0; i<pages.length; i++ ) {          // Initialize me!          scores.push(0);            var lowerCaseContents = pages[i].substring(              pages[i].indexOf("]") + 1, pages[i].lastIndexOf(" ")          ).toLowerCase();          words = lowerCaseContents.split(" ");            // You were using `i` for this loop as well.  No can do.          for ( var j=0; j<words.length; j++) {              if ( words[j].match(s) ) {                 // wordScore = 1;  <- I don't know what you're using this for                 scores[i]++;              }          }      };        return scores;  }    console.log(findScoresC("w"));  


here's a small function that counts how many times substring "subStr" occurs in "str", not counting [...]

function substrCount(str, subStr) {     var str = str.replace(/\[.+?\]/g, "");     var del = str.toLowerCase().split(subStr.toLowerCase()).join("");     return (str.length - del.length) / subStr.length;  }  

the rest is obvious ;)

// edit: this is how you apply this function to an array

 var someArray = ["whatever", "something", "else" ];   var counter = [];   for(var i = 0; i < someArray; i++)        counter[i] = substrCount(someArray[i], "something");        // or, to count only one match, i.e. just to test if a substring is present        counter[i] = substrCount(someArray[i], "something") > 0;  

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